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Reality TV Shows and Concepts for Reality Television

First of all I want to say thanks for dropping by our reality tv show
ideas and concepts that revolve around SoCal Beaches Magazine and
also “Celebrity Beach House“.

Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Show” was for me an awakening
of the theater arts gene with part mid life crisis thrown into a beach
condo setting where I live.

Basically “Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Show” is my life as a
45 year old bachelor living in Mission Beach and running the behind
the scenes life of meeting the swimsuit models, local beach friends,
beach events etc….I am the one person behind about 30+ blogs and
websites under  the “SoCal Beaches Magazine umbrella“.

I wrote up a TV concept for “Celebrity Beach House” originally as
something that could happen ONLY if picked up by a large studio
or production company and turned it into another channel I can
launch and piggy back off my SoCal Beaches Magazine channel,
which should hit 10 million video views soon.

Now the show has me 24/7 thinking on ways to grow and enhance
the show plus I am now spinning some other reality tv ideas and
concepts from this whole “ Reality TV channel” mentality
where I can create a whole reality tv idea and launch it just for
and social media and market the show and get feedback from the public.

I am an Internet marketing person by trade although in the last year
I have started becoming selfish and working more on my personal projects
than picking up clients. The “reality tv” vibe has been thouroughly instilled
in me and now I am back in a full time mode of working on and creating
reality tv shows” the way I like them.

These are some of the reality tv concepts right now I am working on.
Like clay they can mold and fit and grow into some fun and entertaining

Wow there is a new “Number 1” Reality TV Show Idea

Reality TV Idea Log Line

“Welcome to the life of San Diego beach magazine
publisher Sean Callahan and his world of Reality
which includes covering the beaches, trying to date,
working for crazy clients and living the beach life
as a 45 year old bachelor.

Now guess what this show is about?

That’s right folks Sean Callahan live 7 days a week
going through the daily routine of being a beach photographer,
videographer, Internet marketing consultant, 45 and single and
more sub plots that I could write even if I wanted to since nothing
about my life is ordinary and one minute I am writing “reality tv”
and the next minute I am helping doctors, real estate agents and
small business owners get their business going using online
marketing methods.

Being 45 and single living at the beach in San Diego also brings
in a whole new sub life – dating in America at 45. Now I have done
a coule tours on Plenty of Fish and last month I had MSNBC
shoot me for an upcoming special on “Online Dating” and this
is where my old “theater arts” background kicked in and I
had a blast getting “in front of a camera again. The show
airs on MSNBC on Valentines Day and it will be interesting
to see what they kept and what the discarded since they
interviewed quite a few other “online daters” as well.

I was a theater arts major in college and since shooting
about 1,200 videos for I have not been in
front of a camera since one of my old “cameo” appearances
with Chris and Candice Gosch working with Comedy Store
and Improv actors and comedians. Here is a pic below of
me in a movie made called “Custody”, where I had 6 different
jobs including slate, craft services, grip, runner boy and
talent. Something about getting in your mid 40’s is you
can have a tendancy to get into a boring “routine” and
I am anything but that.

Reality TV Show Idea "SeanTV" features SoCal Beaches Magazine & Media Publisher Sean Callahan and his crazy beach life!

Reality TV Show Idea "SeanTV" features SoCal Beaches Magazine & Media Publisher Sean Callahan and his crazy beach life!

My life is a comedy, parody and adventure that if any producer,
production company or studio can take a little time to look
into this further will find this is a “Reality TV Show” hit because
underneath beaing a little crazy, funny and eccentric I am a loving
person who loves life and people and try’s to live life to the fullest.

For more information on “Sean TV” you can see what I shoot on
my websites including
and – I have about 30+ blogs but these
two seem to have the majority of content.

SeanTV reality tv show idea

2. “Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Show Idea”

Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Show

“A San Diego beach magazine publisher and his group
of sexy swimsuit models and friends showcase the beach
lifestyle from Mission Beach San Diego and a beach
bachelor condo”

Episode #1 – Meet Venice Beach REZ

Originally designed and written up as a get-a-way place for
overweight celebrities to come for a 2 week fit and “beach fun”
bootcamp this show concept was taken over by me and is now
the crazy “real life” of the beach bachelor pad of Sean Callahan
and “SoCal Beaches Magazine”.

The show features some of the beautiful swimsuit models
that has made SoCal Beaches Magazine one of the top ranking
beach modfel websites online in addition to some of the most
colorful characters and people who live at the beach and make San Diego|
their home. The best part is that we leave the condo and go out on
the beaches and boardwalk and also showcase the awesome classic
cars, hot rods, beaches and special places that make San Diego
one of the most scenic places in the world to live.

One person – my partner and co-host “Venice Beach REZ” just bought
a 40 foot custom tour bus so this reality show will also be hitting
the road
and traveling the California coast soon.

Reality TV Show "Celebrity Beach House" is going mobile with "Venice Beach REZ" in 2012

Reality TV Show "Celebrity Beach House" is going mobile with "Venice Beach REZ" in 2012

2. Helping Others TV

Helping Others TV Concept Tag Line

“A San Diego Internet marketing expert and defunct TV news
reporter team up to document dire situations of people
in need and use social media and 6* of seperation to
get them the help they need”

This is another reality tv idea and concept I came up with
because I used to do this and also because a long time San Diego
news reporter was kicked to the curb a few years back and it is
a way for him and myself to come back into the community with
the mentality of “HELPING OTHERS” stamped on our foreheads.

I used to do this many years ago and fell out of it and now I
am dedicating my channels blogs and social media
accounts to “spreading the work and love” and giving people
a way to “PLUG IN” and help others.

I learned many years ago when helping orphanages in Mexico
that people are always willing to help if you can give them
a way to plug in. By documenting “what needs helping” people
with all types of skills and trades can all contribute.

This reality tv show concept is a super powerful “sleeper” because
it can easily go viral and thus a viral tv reality concept that
“Encourages” interacton and participation from the “audience” is
something that has potential well beyond what my small little brain
can concieve.

Bringing clothing, food and blanket donations to needy kids in an orphanage in Rosarito Mexico

Bringing clothing, food and blanket donations to needy kids in an orphanage in Rosarito Mexico

Once upon a time I lived a life where I spent a lot of time volunteering
and helping others and I decided it was time to get “back into that mode”

Reality TV Idea and Concept Summary

Currently these are two of 6 shows I have written up for reality tv.

I will be posting more of those ideas and concepts soon however
some that are not scripted around my personal life are available
for review at The TV Writers Vault.

For anyone who likes to write reality tv ideas and shop them to
production company’s I recommend Scott Manville and his
TV Writers Vault” website and service since it protects reality
tv writers ideas and reality concepts.

My journey into “reality tv” as a writer was the same as being a spectator
watching a football game. I have decided to “get on the playing field” and
“play with the big boys” and do it myself online and it is changing
EVERYTHING about what I thought scripting reality tv was about. The difference
between “concepts and reality” are like molding clay.

I know what a college or high school kid feels like when playing in the
“pros” and I am trying to solidify “what I am doing” and tighten up
some of my work. It is a “journey” and one I am greatly enjoying and
also one that is starting to get better and build momentum:-)!

Stay tuned for more reality tv shows and concepts as I add more to
this page in the future.

Best wishes to a successful and happy 2012!!!!

Sean Callahan

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