Happy Holidays from the Celebrity Beach House San Diego 2012 in Review

Happy Holidays from the Celebrity Beach House Reality TV
Show in Beautiful Mission Beach San Diego

Ocean Beach Chrtistmas Parade - INSERT GUEST CELEBRITY in this Car fort the parade = reality tv show idea!

Wow another year has gone by and I have covered a ton of events
in 2012 here are some of the main ones —

2012 La Jolla Tour D ‘elegance Car Show
2012 Loews Dog Surfing in Imperial Beach
2012 Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volleyball Tournament Manhattan Beach
2012 Ocean Beach Parina Dog Surf Challenge
2012 US Open of Surfing Championships Huntington Beach
2012 Wavecrest Woodie Car Show – 2 days Moonlight Beach / Oceanside
2012 RSSS World Surfing Chamionships Pacific Beach
2012 Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volleyball Championships Huntington Beach
2012 Surf Dog Surf a Thon Dog Surfing Huntington Beach
2012 Ocean Beach Christmas Parade
2012 La Jolla Christmas Parade

These are most of the events I covered in 2012 with video and stills for
my group of websites and these are the kind of events we will be taking
celebrities to – especially the dog surfing!

Anyway when folks drop into our "Celebrity Beach House" we have connections
and things to do galore since that is what I do "in real life". Pretty deep thinking
around here on our "reality tv concepts" but rest assured that there is plenty to do.

My goal for 2012 is to get an "A" list celebrity to race me on the rope bridges
across the street at Belmont Park –
a hidden gem for our reality show because
of all the things to do. I may have to switch to doing a "Belmont Park" olympics
where we do 1. Laser tag 2. Rope bridge races 3. Skeet ball with a total score
overall determining a winner. Eat your heart out Mr. Bruce Jenner as we have
a much funner beach decathalon to perform here and one that people probably
like better.

Life is a beach at the "Celebrity Beach House" and "yes" I do have some celebrity
contacts but now I have to bribe and convince them to show up and probably
have to hide the bong. Oh well the price of show business I guess.

Anyway for the holidays this year I am feeling super generous and therefore
are turning you on to the craziest party parade you EVER HAVE BEEN TO
The "Ocean Beach Christmas Parade". Check out the photos at the bottom –

I love content and I am a content "whore", which I mean in a good way but
basically I am always looking for content and locations to shoot and after
10 years of covering coastal events (the only one to this day that I know of)

Stay tuned for some FUN and Crazy visitors coming into the Celebrity Beach
House –
Since the events are over for the year I need something to channel
my video obsession into – Yes folks I am back in at the Celebrity Beach House:-)!

Sean aka "Ken Rogers
Celebrity Beach House Mission Beach Host
Reality TV Show at the beach!

Happy Holidays from Ocean Beach!

Ocean Beach - my "Celebrity Beach House TV" show does not just stay indoors we go out to the best coastal places:-)!

Ocean Beach & Ocean Beach Parade Pictures below!

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