Celebrity Beach House the 2013 Version of “Playboy After Dark” From Mission Beach San Diego

Celebrity Beach Reality TV the 2013 version of PLAYBOY after Dark!
When it comes to unscripted reality TV shows there are quite a few that
have taken over the airwaves with success and none more popular in
it’s day than "Playboy After Dark". For anyone under 46,( including me
who never saw the show at that time 1959-1960), the show featured
Hugh Hefner in a super nice luxury condo inviting over the hottest
female celebrities along with the coolest cats and musicians at the time.

After doing a bong hit and watching Playboy TV I realized that
Celebrity Beach House" reality TV show was nothing more than a morphed
version of "Playboy After Dark", except with a much hipper and cooler beach
pad where beach cruisers, roller coaster rides and a trip to the Beach Comber
bar beats most beach bars in the country.

An unscripted reality TV show starting with some local celebrities now but
with larger ones later all coming to be part of "the San Diego beach scene",
perhaps the BEST beaches in the world when it comes to fun, beach life
and REAL California living. Why sit in a fricken "studio set" when you can be
in the most desired place to live in the world.

Since I am a "professional" photographer – (not in the traditional sense by
any stretch however I have now successfully shot 3 Sony Camera’s to
death and am now known as "the Sony Camera Killer") and shoot the beach
lifestyle 7 days a week / 24 hours a day I know the myriad of sets, activities
and scenery to choose from to create an amazing set of scenery, fun and
exploration of the Southern California coast.

I love reality TV shows and watch a ton of them and know in the "reality concept"
and scripting I need to try to cast out "episodes" and do things in a traditional sense
however much of this is unscripted reality TV and getting guests to come hang
out the 2 bedroom beach condo and then take part in some crazy fun at the
beach "San Diego" style.

How is it possible there are now fricken reality TV shows here at the beach??

Rattlesnake Republic Reality TV Show set, backdrop and "promo" photos.
Okay I realize that there is a ton of "action" in the swamps since there
are about 10 shows taking place there with "Swamp wars", "Gator Boys’,
etc… but what shows are taking place on the beach or by the beach?

Quite frankly HOT CHICKS AND BEACH life will always get more channel views
than Rattlesnake Republic,
the host of shows killing wild hogs, hicks that make
bird calls, father son shows about making motorcycles, any shows about doing
biopsies on corpses or re-inacting death scenes 24 times to get to know psycho’s
and the host of other backwoods TV out there but even with a weak script hot chicks,
beaches, cool cars and some dork photographer in Mission Beach HAS TO WORK.

The backdrop for "Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Show" beats swamps and rattlesnakes!

Really folks this one "still has you thinking"? – okay I will bring in family members
and in laws and we can fight, hoard shit until the place is overful or even star on an
episode of "Infested",
but for Christ’s sake lets get some fricken camera’s and talent
down here and get the fricken show on the road already:-)!

Just think "Playboy After Dark" 2013 style at the beaches of San Diego with a dorky
media guy and a much cheaper – but cooler – beach pad for a set as the "reality TV concept"!

See you at the beach!

Ken Rogers aka Sean
Celebrity Beach TV writer, producer, dreamer!

hment_463″ align=”aligncenter” width=”500″]Celebrity Beach Reality TV the 2013 version of PLAYBOY after Dark! Celebrity Beach Reality TV the 2013 version of PLAYBOY after Dark![/caption]

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