Blind Dates Greatest Reality TV Dating Star Kyle aka “Sweet Daddy” Visiting Celebrity Beach House

Blind Dates Greatest Episode and Only Two Time Date Reality
TV Star Kyle Mac aka "Sweet Daddy" Coming to Celebrity Beach House

Blind Date Reality TV Show - Kyle aka "Sweet Daddy" was the two time biggest rated show participant!

I have a ton of A list celebrities that I know and have first hand access to but
perhaps none more funny than the one and only Kyle aka "Sweet Daddy" Mac
as he spills reality based comments to men on "dating advice" and for women
honest assessments of a mans thought process.

"Sweet Daddy" was the only person invited back for a second episode on
"Blind Date" and boasts that greatest rankings on the show i
n the 2 episodes
he was in. Now the San Diego local is getting ready to launch a
whole new comedy tour, channel and book on
"Dating Advice for Men from the Man Himself Sweet Daddy".

Gene Simmons from Kiss, our Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Talent is even more popular than this man!

When I heard that "Sweet Daddy" was with Gene Simmons and got more
attention at Comic Con from frat boys
I knew I needed to book this talent
on the Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Show. Upon bringing this up
to Sweet Daddy we both agreed we would need to get over to the
"Buffalo Breath" costume shop to get attire that would completely conceal
our identities and prevent our families from embarrassment of what this
episode would contain.

With that said "Sweet Daddy" has temporarily agreed to appear on the
"Celebrity Beach House" reality TV show. Here are few posts off the
official "Sweet Daddy" blog.

"Sweet Daddy" is getting more dating advice together for men and woman
that is certain to offend and cause controversy and that is the perfect
scripting for our Reality TV Show.

Stay tuned for more news and updates from the
"Celebrity Beach House" in Mission Beach – where every
A list star in Hollywood wished they were hooked up with!

Ken Rogers
(Celebrity Beach House Guest Host and alias for Sean C.)
Mission Beach San Diego

* Further confirmation I made the right choice to book Sweet Daddy –
– he is getting "chinese man penis" as a term being searched on
his blog – finally reaching an International audience!

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