Unknown World Famous Dog Surfing Photographer A Reality TV Show Star in New Reality Concept

San Diego Dog Surfing Photographer and Videographer
Also a Reality TV Show Host and Reality Concept Writer
For New “SoCal Beaches – Behind the Lens” Reality Idea

Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Show host, star and
unknown celebrity (me…..I could keep going but you
get the idea – I am a real legend in my own mind)
Sean Callahan – a world popular photographer who is
pretty much unknown.

Dog Surfing - Recognized by world viewers af FUN content!

Dog Surfing - Recognized by world viewers af FUN content!

Kind of funny really that no one really knows me as a photographer since that is a real passion for me along with shooting video and doing these online reality tv blogs and reality tv show concepts but the fact is that my video and photos have been seen by hundreds of millions of people and as 2012 gets going I can see this is going to grow immensly and perhaps my dream of being a full time professional paid freecking photographer will take root and my skills as an Internet marketing person can be all for fun and less for money – either way the wheels are rolling as  4 more production companies and people emailed me in the last month for video footage – all my dog surfing videos.

January American Idol contacted me and had me sign a release and in the last 2 weeks I have been contacted by Discovery TV production companys wanting video footage, NBC’s Today Show production staff and other places that want to air it.

When people “Contact Me” for photos and videos I shoot they do not know who to ask for since I do not put my name on any videos or photos. Sometimes I include my name on photo credits but normally it is hard to figure out who took the shot because I am an “unknown photographer and videographer”.

We are interested in possibly using some footage from the 2011 Loews Dog Surfing Contest on this season of American Idol.

Here is the video footage that we are referring to: http://petpostusa.com/pet-videos-shows/43-douglas-erickson/video/172-2011-loews-dog-surfing-contest-imperial-beach-san-diego.html

Are you the appropriate contact to speak to about this?
We are working with an extremely tight deadline, and if you could please get back to me at your earliest convenience it would be greatly appreciated. Please call me on my cell or email at any time.

Thank you for your help!

(name removed)  American Idol Productions, Inc. 7800 Beverly Blvd Suite 251 Los Angeles, CA 90036

I am writing from Talkback, a television production company in the UK, and we are in the early stages of producing a new BBC One entertainment show which is made up of cute and funny clips of animals. Are you the person that originally filmed and posted the youtube clip titled ‘Best of 2010 Helen Woodward Surf Dog Surfing Contest’ and if so, would you be happy for it to be considered for inclusion in the show? Could you please e-mail me as soon as possible on the address below? I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind Regards
(name removed) | Associate Producer | Comedy Entertainment
talkback       A: 20-21 Newman Street London W1T 1PG


        Today show segment

I produce the weekly Today show “webtastic” segment where we discuss what’s hot on the web.
I would like to include one or more of your videos of “Pudge the Bulldog” as part of the segment. In order to do this, I will need permission from the video’s copyright holder to air the video on NBC’s Today show and on today.com Please let me know if this is something that you are interested in as soon as possible. You can reach me here or at (removed).
Best,       (removed)———————————————————————————
Dog 1130
Hi there,
You’ll be aware that the London-based production company CicadaBellwether would like to use the clip you have posted on YouTube in a TV series about animal escapes that it is making for Discovery Channel. The series is called ‘Great Animal Breakout’ (the title of the series may change). We’ve been paying suppliers of clips like this $50 on a non-exclusive basis, so if you’re OK about signing an agreement we can email over to you granting us permission to use the clip and vouching that you own the footage, please get back in touch with us. If we do arrange to pay you a fee for the use of your clip, this in no way guarantees that it will be incorporated into our production but will be taken as permission to do so.   If we don’t hear back from you, we will assume that you have no copyright interest in the footage posted on the site and may go ahead with incorporating the clip in our production.We hope to hear from you soon on this.
Many thanks and regards David
CicadaBellwether       London


To make a long story short as a photographer I am sort of a celebrity
even though no one knows who I am they want my video and stills.

I shoot a ton of events along the beach that get good distribution
and I have been doing this since 2004 with “SoCal Beaches Magazine”.
SoCal Beaches Magazine is me – every video and picture on about 30+
websites and blogs are mine and with over 10 million video views on
YouTube.com and climing I have to say that I really am a “reality
tv star
“.Now I need to get my own TV show sort
of like Peter Lik’s “From the Edge” show on The
Weather Channel
except Peter travels the world shooting
landscapes and I travel the California coast shooting pro beach
volleyball, dog surfing, classic cars, smoking hot swimsuit models,
attractions, beaches, people, landscapes, surfing, tidal pools and
anything else I can shoot along the coast.

The Weather Channel also was here a few months back shooting
the new “Lifeguard” Southern California, which is sort of a play
off on a simular reality TV show that was featured on TrueTV a
while back which also was centered around San Diego and
Huntington Beach Lifeguards.

The Weather Channel told the production company shooting
“Lifeguard” that “they wanted a “Baywatch” styled show and
they went out and shot lifeguards in action. I get it bacause the
real lifeguard thing is cool and has some good action BUT it lacks
HOT CHICKS and let’s be honest that “Baywatch” got a ton of play
because people love seeing sexy girls in bikini’s and the Southern
California beach lifestyle. Now since the “Lifeguard” TV show
production crew shot a ton of footage right in front of my house
in Mission Beach by the main lifeguard tower I was able to meet
a few of the guys in the production crew while they were here
which was cool.

Reality TV Show Idea "SoCal Beaches - Behind the Lens" showcases real life Baywatch swimsuit models like Veronica LaVery

Reality TV Show Idea "SoCal Beaches - Behind the Lens" showcases real life Baywatch swimsuit models like Veronica LaVery

Now what if “The Weather Channel” combined Peter Lik’s
“From the Edge” tv show with the “Lifeguard” reality TV
show and then created “SoCal Beaches – Behind the Lens
for a new reality tv idea and then they would have an ideal
show for me as a photographer covering all the people,
places and events I shoot from Malibu to San Diego and
have a “real” Baywatch themed reality TV show where real sexy
swimsuit models who really live here and hang at the
beach are featured with surfing events, dog surfing,
monster surf days, classic cars, pro beach volleyball,
Venice Beach, hot rods, cool stores, cool people and
the California beach lifestyle and culture as a whole.

Since I am pushing 10 million plus views on YouTube.com
and originally started this post on all the media requests I
am getting I know people like the content. After shooting
and looking over nearly 1,200 videos I have gotten an idea
of “what people like to see” and the demographics for different
types of content allowing me to target content to produce
related to the ideal demographics for the network to target.

Dog Surfing ironically enough is a world wide fun California
phenomena putting  smiles of tens of millions of faces so if
people like that more than the swimsuit models, classic cars
or sand castle contests it is all good for me – I love everything
I shoot and look forward to getting better coverage and producing
better quality videos as time keeps going.

For anyone at The Weather Channel Network looking for some new
reality tv show ideas give the “SoCal Beaches – Behind the Lens” a
look at just refer to some of the 1,000+ videos at
www.youtube.com/socalbeachesmagazine for an idea of the content
being showcased and covered. It is the dream reality TV show idea
for the “Baywatch” style show you wanted and one that the public will
love to watch.

Your unknown and soon to be well known reality TV star and concept
writer Sean Callahan who is also a photographer and videographer
with content viewed by hundreds of millions of viewers around the
world with all my credits going to “SoCal Beaches Magazine”.

For more great reality TV show ideas visit

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