Reality TV Show Star Featured in San Diego Reality TV Premier

Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Show Host and
Star Make an Appearance in “PB Reality” Premier

Now in the world of reality tv there is plenty of room for
stars and fame so it should be of no suprise that I myself
have now “self designated” myself as a “Reality TV Star“.

PB Reality TV star Jim Lawlor shows up with hot chicks and gets this family off the street -

PB Reality TV star Jim Lawlor shows up with hot chicks and gets this family off the street -

There are a host of reasons why that go back to all types
of back lot movies, theatrical endeavors and other types
of film production I have done but just in case I needed
one more reason I got one by making an appearance in
Jim Lawlor’s new “PB Reality” premier which debuted
at the Hazard Center Cinema’s in Mission Valley last night.

Jim is an extremely cool guy and a good guy to know in
the “Pacific Beach” area since he is out alot and he throws
the best event and holiday parties anywhere in San Diego.

Now a few weeks ago I was on my “Helping Others TV
project and had gone from filming a homeless family
to moving them in my house and I needed help getting
them into a place and getting my life back in order.

After emailing Jim about an hour later I got a reply
and he was happy to help out and willing to meet me
and the kids and pay for getting them into a weekly rental.

Jim is a cool entreprenuer who has made a small fortune
selling painting goggles from an invention he personally
came up with  and started selling in paint stores.

Now with money not an issue and “Celebrating Life“, as
one of his life’s passions he throws big parties at the PB
Castle and has a blast doing it with about a half dozen
of the hottest college girls in San Diego.

Wow now that is what I call “reality stardom“, but since
I am also the publisher of SoCal Beaches Magazine and
also am able to have some fun like Jim, he is one of
the few guys my age I can relate to.

Reality TV Star and SoCal Beaches Masgazine Photographer Sean Callahan

Reality TV Star and SoCal Beaches Masgazine Photographer Sean Callahan

So as a guy who has written a score of reality tv show
concepts and ideas I have fun hanging with another guy
who also is launching his own reality tv show and having
a blast doing it.

I guess the bottom line is that when you are a “reality tv star”
like me you get to hang with the big boys and other local
celebrities and reality tv show stars including Jim and his
smoking hot cast of sexy girls who can create sex appeal, drama
or a huge smile in the blink of an eye.

As a guy who is part nerd, part dork and part Internet marketing
genius it is nice to finally get some accolades for my skills as a
reality tv star to reality tv host. Since “perception is 9/10’s of
reality” I am now going to use my skills in manifesting my reality
to create my “reality tv star” designation right now.

Now I just need to get some more reality tv stars like Bobo and
some of the crew from “Finding Bigfoot” to come visit and we
are off and running for a great season of “Celebrity Beach House
Reality TV Show”

See you at the beach!

Sean aka “Ken Rogers”

PS – I decided my “star name” needs to
go under “Sean Callahan” since I don’t
have any “Ken Rogers” pen name ID and
I don’t want that to mess me up when hot
chicks come hitting on me.

Reality TV Star Sean Callahan in La Jolla

Reality TV Star Sean Callahan in La Jolla

reality tv show star Sean Callahan showcases other reality tv stars
on his “Celebrity Beach House TV” show in Mission Beach San Diego.

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