Hot Sexy College Co-ED Loves Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Show

Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Show Gets It’s
First Piece of Fan Mail from Sexy Hot College Girl

Okay now all I can say is fame and fortune has totally
arrived on my door step because in addition to being
seen on a TV special on “Love at First Byte: The Secret
Science of Online Dating.”  (It’ll be premiering tomorrow
night, February 9th on CNBC at 9 PM ET/PT) I am
also getting FAN MAIL for “Celebrity Beach House”.

More on my “role on that show” later but for now
let’s get back to our first fan of “Celebrity Beach
House Reality TV

Now Jennifer all I can say is “thank you” for the email and
I am happy to shamelessly promote you and the online
colleges websites anytime you want to send something
over and yes, flattery will get you everywhere here at
the bachelor pad in San Diego.

Here is our first “Celebrity Beach House Reality
TV Show” blog fan mail


Sent: Wednesday, February 08, 2012 9:45 PM
Subject: Reality TV Show “Celebrity Beach House”
Hi there,

I’m Jennifer with, and I’m writing
to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. You’ve got a
ton of great content on there, and you’re building a great

I’m also writing because our passions overlap. I recently
published an article, 10 Secondary Characters Who
Became TV Stars
, that I think falls right in line with you
and your readers’ interests. Here’s the link: (

If you like the article, I really hope you’ll take a moment to share it
with your readers, whether that means blogging about it or tweeting
about it. If there’s anything else I can provide for you, don’t hesitate
to let me know. Thanks again, and keep up the great work!


Jennifer Lynch


Okay now Jennifer you are totally invited to come hang
here and promote online colleges website, business and
most importantly online co-eds. Bring as many of your
hot girlfriends and talk about the benefits of your website
and I know one demographic you can wipe out in one show

Now I did highlight some of the BEST parts of the email
especially the part about “our passions overlap” WOW
girl that was hot and I just want to go run and have coffee
after reading that one line. Can I come work for you for FREE?

Now Jennifer if possible send me over a pic next time
(I posted one below that I think is you but I was not
100% sure) and let’s start a hot reality tv romance on
the show (or at least to pretend to for ratings) and get
some of your hot college friends on the show.

Right now a hot email romance for the show would be
good and just in case you did not know I am single
again and I totally know how to turn on a woman
(check out my blog on how “Finding Bigfoot reality
tv show is helping me find a “Prime Mate

Ah well enough of my personal secrets and dating
advice links for this blog but hey Jennifer you feel free
to send your articles over anytime you want and
don’t forget you are welcome to come by and
have us shoot you for our page
if you are ever in San Diego (bring as many girl
friends as you like).

Thanks again Jennifer for being our #1 fan:)!

Sean aka “Ken Rogers”
Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Show Host

This Is Jennifer (or what I think she looks like)

Sexy College Co Ed Jennifer My Reality TV Vision of our first "Celebrity Beach House TV" fan mail

Sexy College Co Ed Jennifer My Reality TV Vision of our first "Celebrity Beach House TV" fan mail

PS: Since I did not get a picture from Jennifer I
found on on my Google+ profile that matches
her about as close as I can get using my extra-oridinary
pyschic abilities.  If anyone else has any fan mail
for the show feel free to email us at

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