Reality TV Show Star Rescues Reality TV Show Host and Family from the Street

Reality TV Show Star Jim Lawlor “The PB Millionaire”
Rescues Reality TV Host and Family From the Street

Now for anyone reading this blog there have been some crazy
side steps I have done and if anyone is still reading this right
now they know my life is the “reality” and perhaps just focusing
on ONE THING may be a good idea.

I am a softie for helping people and decided I was going to launch
Helping Others Reality TV“, a pick up from charity I had done in Mexico
years before and basically documenting it and posting it on my
network of beach websites and blogs from SoCal Beaches Magazine.

Well I decided to just “drive downtown” and find homeless families
living in their cars to try to help this time around and after meeting
my ex at “Eddie V’s” in La Jolla and hearing her say “she was in and
wanted to try to help also”, I was rearing to go. She is a “family
counseling professional” and wanted to go out and “do something

I found this family living in a van on the streets of San Diego and 48 hours later moved them in to the "Celebrity Beach House"

I found this family living in a van on the streets of San Diego and 48 hours later moved them in to the "Celebrity Beach House"

Of course she backed out an hour before heading downtown and
both of us were severely hung over after two glasses of wine the night
before but  I was “determined to go do it”.

My ex warned me about “maintaining boundaries” and with camera
in hand I was on my was into downtown San Diego.

I am having nightmares about going with you today“, was the message
I got from her saying why she was not going to be able to “make it”,
after confessing 12 hours earlier about “how she really needed to do
something and “was for sure in“. – anyway that is an ongoing adventure
with her that will continue through out this life and probably many more
in the future but more on that later –

Within about 10 minutes I found a family in need living in their van
and 2 days later I had six more people living with me. “Wow dude
what happened to the boundaries“?

Helping Others Reality TV Show brings family to the "Celebrity Beach House" Reality Show

Helping Others Reality TV Show brings family to the "Celebrity Beach House" Reality Show

Well all I know is that after having the family here for the better part
of the week I was running out of options and emailed Jim the
PB Millionaire” as he is known here at the beach in San Diego.

Jim has had his own reality tv show going for several years and
has had me doing work for him writing press releases and other
internet based marketing projects plus has invited me to some
awesome parties at his house in Pacific Beach known as
“The Castle”.

Anyway Jim is a mid western guy from Iowa and I am a guy
from Minnesota plus we are about the same age so as a
friend and guy who knows him I said ” Hey Jim can you
help this family out with a weekly rental?” aka HELP!

Jim has an awesome rag to riches story with the main
thing is he is in the RICHES now and has a big heart so
he was a great guy to know right about then.

Within an hour or less Jim emailed back and said “no problem”,
and with a huge sigh of relief I set up a meeting for the family
and Jim to meet up with a weekly rental apartment complex
in Pacific Beach and within 24 hours the last three family
members we warm and in a shelter and not a car.

Jim showed up with two hot babe assistants and put down
$400 in cash and walked the family upstairs and then provided
them with food and supplies for the week.

Holy Moses I went from let me see what I can do to having
6 people living with me here at the beach all while my cat
decides urinating in my bedroom was cool and my Internet
marketing clients wanted my head for getting nothing done.

The bottom line is that “a man in quicksand is not a good person
to rescue others in quicksand” and I need to start a little slower
and work on getting wheelchairs for needy and other projects
before taking on sheltering families here at “The Celebrity Beach
House”. I dig helping others but life without laughter is a dry one
and I need to keep that going first and work on some of these
other projects later.

Reality TV Star Jim Lawlor the "PB Millionaire" steps in to help this family with a weekly rental and food

Reality TV Star Jim Lawlor the "PB Millionaire" steps in to help this family with a weekly rental and food

Wow man”, that was some real reality TV going on here and
being rescued by a local reality tv show star and host makes
this “Reality TV featuring Reality TV Stars”. My ex was able
to step in and once again disapoint me, and I was able to go way
overboard as I normally do and was able to be rescued by
“The PB Millionaire”. This was one pretty crazy reality tv
episode that was actually my life for about 10 days.

PS: I am being featured on Jim’s Reality TV Show premier
Tuesday and am now part of his reality tv show.

Here is the email I got from Jim

Congratulations Sean you made the first episode of the
PB Reality Show! Hope you can make it to our premiere.

Here’s the info:
Jim ”

Now for any reality tv producer or studio looking for reality
tv show ideas and concepts or even reality tv talent here
it is:-) – Jim’s PB Millionaire is also a great Reality Show

I am not a “hoarder” in “Jail” stealing “Bait Cars” or
having and “Intervention”, but life at the beach here
in San Diego is a blast and a never ending adventure
as the publisher of SoCal Beaches Magazine and Media
videos, social media, events etc…along with my own
reality tv life here “life is a beach” – a good possible
Reality TV Idea maybe?

Okay now back to “Celebrity Beach House Reality TV”!

Sean aka “Ken Rogers”
Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Host

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