Reality TV Idea Concept Helping Others TV Launches in San Diego

Helping Others Reality TV Show Idea & Concept
Goes Live with First Episode Launched on

This family living in a van is the first family featured in "Helping Others TV" reality tv show

This family living in a van is the first family featured in "Helping Others TV" reality tv show

If it is going to be it is going to be because of ME
Okay so if you have read my blogs in the past you know there
is the third person style I write about 95% of the time and
then there is this blog where I totally cut loose and give
you the real nuts and bolts.

Wednesday was the day I said “I am going downtown and
trying to make a difference somehow using my “video skills”
and Internet market skillset and social media connects to
help people in need. A simple but powerful thought and
one I have successfully executed before. I found while helping
orphanages in Mexico that people know how to “plug in”.

By showcasing families in need and pooling resources from
many folks amazing things can happen. This first reality tv
episode was me driving downtown and then wondering from
my car a block down and finding this family in a van.

Needless to say this was INTENSE and many times I just about
broke down having to film this BUT as a marketing expert and
wanna be filmaker I know I need the stories from the ones who
this effects the most which is the kids.

This is a reality tv concept about “neighbors helping neighbors”
and in addition to going downtown to find more families to shoot
I am also bringing in a sweet little girl who has dreams of being
a model – I told her I would set up a shoot and “she did not have
gas money to get to the shoot” and her husband is a US Marine.

Next week I am getting her the gas money, geting them a nice room
here at The Bahia Hotel on Mission Bay and getting local merchants
to treat them to dinners, spa treatments, etc….helping others is
very fricking contagious so be careful if you are a production
company looking for a reality tv idea and concept because I promise
you that by the time I get done filming 10 videos or less I will have
every person looking at this show crying like babies:-) – In a good
way of course but none the less this show is going to pull hard
on emotional heart strings.

Hmmmm “SeanTV” me the guy no one sees launching “Celebrity Beach
House Reality TV Show”, “SoCal Beaches Magazine TV” and now “Helping
Others Reality TV Show” – I am just getting warmed up and much more
is coming soon!

My life is nuts I will be at the beach in an hour for 18 foot surf, going to
a laser center I work for, see the family in the video and attend a home
garden show to help do marketing for a branch of the laser medical center.

Pretty soon my clients will be going bye bye and I will be working 100%
on my own projects BUT I lover my clients and I am kick ass Internet
marketing person and the competitive nature of getting Google placement
drives me to constantly get better.

Anyway I have a new “Chi Band” company meeting me in 30 minutes
at my Bird Rock La Jolla coffee shop before I shoot surf footage –

I have to run – check out this new Helping Others Reality TV Show
Episode and stay tuned as I engage a city and soon the world in
“helping one another in ways that people right now could ever imagine”

Your reality tv idea Jedi

Sean aka “Ken Rogers”

* alot going on with Celebrity Beach House TV Show – more later!

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