Helping Others Reality TV Show Idea and Reality Host Finish 1st Week Shooting

Helping Others TV a Success with First Family
Off the Streets and Out of Car and Van

Wow, a reality tv show idea of “helping peeple” and I start
off just rolling into downtown San Diego and 2 days later
I have 6 people living with me at “The Celebrity Beach House”,
all while starting a new job and dealing with a nuerotic cat
who decided my bedroom carpet wass the best place to urinate

With a baby crying at least 2x per night, the intense smell
of pee growing in my room and a ridiculous amount of cattle
prodding from clients about “where I am” I somehow pulled off
the week getting places for the family to stay and also smoothing
out my medical clients and tearing all the carpet out of my room
(after steam vacing failed miserably) and having my room furniture
sitting all over the living room.

I will have the details on how a lot of that worked out but let
me just say that for a dude who spends a lot of quiet time at home
there was none for 7 days and that was intense and let me a bit

The best part was taking Jessica – the 12 year old homeless girl
to Belmont Park and getting her and Lisa (her friend and baby’s Mom)
a pass to ride with her. They are both in weekly rentals now and
I have some time to re-focus and also “manifest” jobs and the next
round of help for these folks – at least I have a little time and
what better thing to do than stretch myself further and invite a
Marine and his wife to a complimentary room stay at a nice hotel
here in San Diego and shoot them on Celebrity Beach House TV.

My main business is Internet marketing and now that I am shifting
my focus on “Reality TV” all I can say is that what I am going to do
in this industry is revolutionize how “reality tv shows” are launched
and created and focus on Internet media distribution, Internet marketing,
iPhone apps, social media marketing¬†to develop and distribute “2012” tv.

I have at least 5 more “reality tv blogs” and places I will create in
the next month or two but the fact is that the dynamics of how
“TV” is watched is changing fast and the iphone technology is a
major player.

Stay tuned for more upcoming episodes as we are shooting more
this weekend for more “Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Shows”!

Sean aka “Ken Rogers”

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Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Show is a show that talks about important social issues with Hollywood TV Stars in a beach camp site / condo setting where no one would ever expect a real life celebrity to show up. Stay tuned for more reality tv show news, updates and some crazy commentaries from our San Diego Reality Cast!
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