Thank You Henry Winkler for Creating Cool and SoCal Beaches Magazine

Reality TV Show Blog Author Ken Rogers Gives
Happy Days “Fonzi” and Henry Winkler a Big Thanks!

Fonzi and Henry Winkler Created Cool for the 1970's Generation

Fonzi and Henry Winkler Created Cool for the 1970's Generation

Okay what does this have to do with reality tv? Good question
but I just had to do a quick follow up blog after the Mena Restrepo
(oh by the way this girl is taller than me) and the
fact that a lot of the young people were not Saturday Night Live
addicts like myself and group of 70’s stoner friends in the
La Crosse Wisconsin area (yes people I’m A REAL Wisconsin stoner
from the 1970’s just like Ashton Kucher hhhmmm spell check flagged
the word “stoner” and Kusher so lets say “pot heads” and Ashton Kuschner)

Now with another amazing paragraph of absolutely nothing created it
is time to talk about one of my personal Hollywood heros and that is
Henry Winkler. I grew up watching “Happy Days”  and in those days
EVERYONE WANTED TO BE “FONZI” – cool was in and so was being
“tough” and also being a “gentleman” – 2 things that went down the drain
sometime after all the “Leave it to Beaver” re-runs stopped running.

The main thing is that “COOL” is a word “FONZI” introduced to a
whole generation of 40 year old ish people like me and we all use
the word and don’t need to ever to conform to “kids” vocabulary
including “SICK” ie poor fucking reach for “cool” from kids on
RIDILON instead of weed or “DANK” ie hmmm this probably
came from stoners since I think it has something to do with
grading weed from a generation of people that carry hand held
devices that beem their brain into the MATRIX.

Anyway SoCal Beaches Magazine IS what kids always thought
Southern California was and that is cool cars, beaches, hot chicks,
hot chicks, hot chicks …ooops palm trees, the boardwalk etc…
all thanks to shows like Happy Days, old Elvis Movies etc..

What do you think I have re-created here people with SoCal
Beaches Magazine???? Yes there is dog surfing and many other
things from the beach and coastal areas but the classic cars,
beaches and swimsuit models recreate my impression of the
Southern California beaches and something COOL from the
“Happy Day’s” era life I watched growing up as a kid in the

It is an old style COOL that an older generation of folks may
identify with around my age (45) so with that said hey
Henry Winkler – thanks dude for creating some “RESPONSIBLE”
and a value orientated character with values who could punch you
in the mouth or just steal your girlfriend or both! (just kidding)
No actually thanks for being a person with a heart under the
leather jacket and being one of the last shows I really remember
liking and watching for years at a time (Hogans Heros, Gilligan’s Island
..(.I live you GINGER -another blog – shit Mary Ann was a dish too..oo0ps!)

Top 3 SoCal Beaches Impressionable Media

1. Happy Days – cool 1950’s cars and THE place to be
was at Al’s Diner. Cool cars hot chicks and Fonzi –

2. GREASE – Shit this movie showcased how to REALLY go
to high school – we just smartened up in the 1970’s and
smoked weed instead of cigarettes.

3. Animal House – Thanks to this movie I decided “YES”
college is for me so I smoked weed, drank and joined a
Jewish Fraternity (ZBT) and NEVER HAD MORE FUN
IN MY WHOLE LIFE (damn they drink a lot of beer in
the Midwest) and a few years later quit school and moved
to the beach in San Diego and lived homeless for a few weeks
with my college buddies (REAL TV)  having the time of our lives
and convincing our parents we really were “going back to school”.
(Eventually there were about 8 U of M MPLS college buds living
at a 2 bedroom condo at San Diego State University –
(University of Minnesota MPLS 84-87 / Dinky Town /
Stadium Village and the 7 Corners / West Bank area for
any former students).

OMG TMI overload it brings out a good laugh though and a
good chunk of it is true. The Celebrity Beach House is 100
yards away from the bushes we slept in when we first got
here and ran out of money getting the car fixed in Colorado.

Henry Winkler and “Richie Cunningham” represent the good old
fashioned programming before the “Vampire Shift” moved in
with the demoniac programming BS “good vampires” and
“bad vampires” etc….Shit there must have been 5 or 6 of those
shows on various networks promoting “vamparism” to kids
I guess – not sure who watches those TV shows but apparently someone
does (Me anytime I see Allysa Milano in a scene I will watch it
intently not blink and BUY ANY PRODUCT branded or tattooed
on her body) since it still seems to be out there – I understand since
dating on Plenty of Fish I have had to explain to dates the difference
between a “GOOD STALKER and a BAD STALKER” ie when I
stalk I do it as a friendly stalker so I will go to 7-11 and get “my girl”
chewing tobacco, cigarettes, scratch off tickets etc….My ex would
toss the keys out and have me warm up the car and ANYTIME
SMILE (and an erection but I ain’t going there on this blog).
(PS: although this is a BAD fucking JOKE it is a JOKE – I shop at
“Dick’s Liquor” and NOT 7-11)

No compared to useless LAZY stalkers who DON’T WANT TO WORK
I AM A CATCH so I get the “good vampires” and “bad vampire” stuff
and I may just as well confess now that Alyssa Milano is sooo HOT that
I would personally give Satan himself a peticure if I could take her out
(and I promise to be home by Sunrise) – Okay enough “KEN” – get a
grip on it DUDE say goodbye to Henry Winkler and try to salvage
ANY GLIMMER of hope this blog had EVER getting anyone to watch
or read!!!!!!


“Ken Rogers” aka the guest host on the Reality TV Show
Celebrity Beach House

* Henry Winkler Dude come on down to San Diego and stop
by and I promise to clean up all the weed, not cut any weed
jokes and make sure NO WEED is smoked for at least 15
minutes BEFORE you get here to prevent any “contact high

Henry call me on Skype dude my number is 858-736-9310

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