Reality TV Show Idea Concept News and Production Notes “Celebrity Beach House Reality TV”

New Reality TV Show “Celebrity Beach House TV” Beginning
To Gain Momentum and Popularity in San Diego

So all of the sudden one day you decide “Wow I am going to
start a reality TV show” and then next thing you know your
wife leaves you and the cats are pissed. Not here however at
The Celebrity Beach House in Mission Beach where the “star”
dork got dumped well over a year ago and the cats have full
reign of the house and do as they please.

Since I am the master of saying absolutely nothing in the first
paragraph I can say that we have scripted out some Reality show
segments for Celebrity Beach House including:

1. Our Reality Show “Opinions” of “other reality tv shows”
– We will be a “reality tv show rating and beating up other
reality tv shows – not being done yet and we will have a wide
range of perspectives to draw from.

2. Feature local San Diego talent – okay Jim Carrey, Jill Wagner,
Charlie Sheen and the rest of the Hollywood posse have not got
here yet but with some of the kooks and unique talent I got
from posting on I think we will have some good fun
and choppage material for a long time to come. Jugglers, comedians,
bands, unique talent, pet talent & animals etc…

"Pastor Pat the Freeway Preacher from Hell" on of the colorful characters showcased on the new "Celebrity Beach House" reality tv show

"Pastor Pat the Freeway Preacher from Hell" on of the colorful characters showcased on the new "Celebrity Beach House" reality tv show

3. Top 10 Lists and Contests, Shout outs to Hollywood Celebs,
between Celebrity Beach House cast members.
With Paster Pat the Freeway Preacher from Hell being 62,
me 45 and the girls all in their 20’s we will have a wide range
of opinions and views and “what’s hot and what’s not

4. Eccentric skits and crazy castings & Getting Out
in the Mission Beach Area

Okay now we will NEVER be as good as Saturday Night Live
but we will be doing some of our own “skits and re-creations”
of other reality TV shows along with creating some unique show characters.
We will be heading to the “Buffalo Breath Costume Shop” where
each cast member gets to “pick an outfit” and then we will jump
in and do some other “FUN STUFF“.

5. Showcase The Beaches and Boardwalk Beach Culture
Taking Surveys of People at the beach and get their opinions,
plus use the area to have interaction with the public in a wide
variety of ways.

There are some other things we are working on as well but between
ripping on reality tv shows, meeting and interviewing talent and
seeing them in action and going through top 10 lists, celebrity wanna
be guests and getting out and having “skeet ball”, karaoke and pool
shooting contests we can mix it up a bit and showcase more than just
a 1970’s living room at the beach.

That is about it for our Reality TV Show news and notes from
The Celebrity Beach House in Mission Beach San Diego

Your Reality TV Host at the Beach in San Diego,

Ken Rogers

* Yes  know nothing on this blog was funny but if
you are looking for a good laugh check out some
of these past posts below.

** I had to throw this out there because last night
I went into the TV Writers to re-write
this reality concept and update it from “what it was” to what
it has become now which is much different than the
original concept which was boring. A studio looked at it
and I am sure they said “What is this?”…outdated and boring
and not what is on the blog or the actual direction I am taking
this project now that it is ME and something I can create
in a “no holds barred” crazy fun beach environment. (I have
not updated the project yet on

“The Celebrity Beach House” reality original “concept” included
getting celebrities into a “weight loss and house challenge”
type of atmosphere and spending a week in a “not so”
Celebrity Beach House condo. (my place:-) I was afraid to
write in and do the stuff I am doing now with being a little
outlandish but it works and it ties into my SoCal Beaches Magazine
& Media group of about 30+ blogs, 15 social media profiles, profile page and a ton
of other little outlets and places I post for distribution.

I was not successful yet in the re-write so I am doing it
on the blog posts here first and then will update the
TV Writers project page in the very near

For anyone looking for help with creating or writing a
reality TV project I highly recommend Scott Manville
and his website marketing
and/or writing services. My projects listed with Scott
have gotten a lot of response over the past 4+ years.

The TV Writers Vault provides an excellent service
for anyone looking showcase their reality to ideas and
concepts to Hollywood producers. Scott has helped me
a ton over the last 4 years and he is a great writer for
anyone who needs help.

** this is a totally unsolicited testimonial and Scott
has not worked directly on this reality script or concept
but helped me a ton in understanding “what makes a show work”
from the TV industries perspective and worked with me
on past projects that have gotten me in contact with
production company’s and studios.

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About Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Correspondant Ken Rogers

Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Show is a show that talks about important social issues with Hollywood TV Stars in a beach camp site / condo setting where no one would ever expect a real life celebrity to show up. Stay tuned for more reality tv show news, updates and some crazy commentaries from our San Diego Reality Cast!
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