Jim Carrey Offered FREE DREAM BEACH VACATION on Reality TV Show in San Diego

Reality TV Show Pitches Jim Carrey to Come to
San Diego for A “Dream Vacation at the Beach”

Jim Carrey's face when he see's the size of the bong and HOT CHICKS in the San Diego beach bachelor pad - "Dude get your ass down here NOW!"

Jim Carrey

Now one thing about starting a reality TV show on YouTube.com
is that you realize how old you are when you start casting people
to be on the show. For me personally I want some variety but having
some beautiful young women around is a MUST and realizing HOW
IMPORTANT THEY ARE for more than hot looks is enlightening.

With the first week of “auditions and interviews” over I realized that
I am from the CAVE AGE when dealing with young people. I do not
know how many times I said “Waynes World” and got blank stares
like “ya keep going I do not know what you are talking about” but I
will pretend nicely I do (until I am asked something about the show
and can’t “chime in”).

In addition the beach bachelor man cave got some good feedback
like “We need to clean this place up“, and the key word there being
“WE” as in Wow I am going to get some fricken help on this which
is super cool and an immediate “yes” vote for any girl wanting to
be on the show.

Now I know you are probably saying “hey stoner Dude isn’t this
blog on Jim Carrey  and not Reality TV show casting“? and the
answer is YES here is where Jim Carrey comes in.

I FUCKING LOVE YES MAN (I have been good on saying the
fu%@ word for the last 2 posts so please at least acknowledge I
am trying to get better and sub in “fricken” as much as possible)

YES MAN to me was reality because I was the dude in that movie
and I needed to develop a more “YES MAN” attitude and step it
up a bit and not be such a slug. So when I asked some of the little
20’s something girls who were hanging out how much they loved
“In Living Color”, I got the same type of stares I got with “Waynes
World” and so I knew it was TIME FOR  A REVIVAL OF SOME
CLASSIC COMEDY and tune in the new generation of young people
to some hilarious skits and “improv style move on the fly” type comedy
talent that is a bit rare and hard to find with the right backdrop and
setting to go out on just about any subject and beat it to death or
“ROAST IT”, as they say in Hollywood.

Now here is where the embarrassing part comes in with “Brooklyn”
(the 21 year old smoking hot model who is part of the show who
really rides a big ass Harley everywhere in San Diego
who also
LOVED YES MAN -( she mentioned other shows she liked but I was
stoned and don’t remember them but the main thing is we both
agreed YES MAN & JIM CARREY and agreed that was awesome)
and SHE LOVED THE CHARACTER “ZOEY” who was the girl
with the scooter in
the show. Now Brooklyn drives a BIG beautiful
Harley and she wanted to be able to take Jim Carrey on a cruise as her
“Celebrity Beach House” guest fun activity list.

Now when I asked Brooklyn “who played Zoey in Yes Man” she
pulled out one of those “smart phones” and in 2 minutes had a
list and photo of each character.  I can’t even fricken text and
these kids are running the fucking world off of hand-held devices –
amazing and a topic for later discussion – the main thing is I have
been spelling Jim Carrey’s name wrong and used “Jim Cary and
Carey” ooops!

Now how fricking cool was “In Living Color“??? That was THE SHOW
and so much fun to watch in the day and it was really a launching
pad for Jim Carrey and a host of other stars like “Paula Abdul”?

Anyway the energy and fun that spun from that comedy is exactly what
I want to create here at the Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Show
in Mission Beach San Diego. Jim Carrey needs to get the fuck out of
Beverly Hills, Hollywood or whatever fish bowl community he’s in up there
and come down hang at the beach and have some fun on this reality
tv show.

The BEST part is I have a smoking HOT chick who drives a Harley and
is getting ready to make a “Celebrity Guest Wish List Request to Jim” on
YouTube.com for our next SoCal Beaches Magazine photo shoot
and also our next session at “The Celebrity Beach House” in San Diego.

“Hey Jim DUDE get your ass down here and bring ONLY beach clothes,
and get ready to 1. cruise on beach bikes down the boardwalk, 2.
hang with hot chicks at the beach pad 3. Try on wigs and costumes
to wear for karaoke night at the Beachcomber Bar 4. Do you smoke weed?
hmmm I will leave this one alone but suffice to say “I got you covered”.

Now Jim HOW FUCKING COOL WOULD IT BE to launch a small time
Reality TV show that you have 100% control of and can do WHATEVER
YOU WANT – (shit dude this is like the old days!) and hang at the beach
in San Diego and out of fucking pychotown “LA” where everybody knows
everyones life and people still do coke and think that is “cool”????

San Diego is a great short get a way and the “Celebrity Beach House
has 2 big rooms and 2 tv’s with all the Playboy channels and HBO so
what more do you want in life????

“Okay JIM CARREY – Dude come on down here and I promise I will
not screw up spelling your name and when we choose “karaoke”
songs for each other to sing I will NOT PICK ANY BEE GEE’S Songs!”

Stay tuned for more Reality TV show ideas, news and notes!

Ken “the old fart” Rogers
Reality TV Celebrity TV Show Host

* Check out our photos with our Biker Girl
Brooklyn Blake

Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Show inviting Jim Carrey to Mission Beach San Diego

Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Show inviting Jim Carrey to Mission Beach San Diego

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