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Reality TV Show Ideas Developed and Launched Using
Internet Market Stats, Social Media and

The world going into 2012 is changing super fast and so is the
way the world communicates. As technology continues to evolve I am
seeing where the “Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Show” is going in
developing other reality tv show ideas and concepts. My blog yesterday
talked about my first really exciting project in the last 10 years and that
is “Helping Others TV“, where  we are going out and documenting
people and conditions that need help and then broadcasting that out
on our websites, pages, social media etc….to get donations
and help to the rescue for people in need.

It will be interesting to see where that goes but the bottom line
is that it will all be taking place in the “Celebrity Beach House”
Living room and may even include some of the “Celebrity
Beach House TV” staff even though the show itself will be
launched as a completely separate channel and
it will be a clean show without some of the antics from
Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Show“.

I think the most interesting thing about launching the “reality
tv idea, concept, scripting and development journey” is looking
at “what make a good reality tv show” based on Internet traffic
statistics. Basically what that means is that “if the video content
is NOT WATCHED ON YOUTUBE.COM then it is not rolling
over viewers very well on TV either – people are watching because
of “lack of choice” rather than the shows having great appeal.
Either that or you are not cashing in on online advertising.

I really noticed how some Reality TV shows on can pull
some great traffic and yet others pull almost none. For me personally
I have posted about 2,000 videos on various channels
and I can see what draws viewership on the Internet and what does
not. So with that said I did some research on how much traffic some
of these networks get from the Internet and and here
is how the numbers stack up

Total Video Views Per Channel

SoCal Beaches Magazine (me) video views  9,345,000

BRAVO TV Network video views 10,559,000

FuelTV TV Show video views 10,663,000

History Channel Network video views 15,775,000

CNN TV Network News page 24,709,000

So basically here is where I am going with all of this –
I am targeting content that gets traffic on the Internet
first and then worrying about TV viewing audiences later.

I can see what people like to watch and what they don’t and
so as a one man operation I have been able to stay
close to entire networks like BravoTV because I am following
web statistics and posting content based on Internet traffic and
“what people want, what people like and what people are looking for”.

In addition to launching the new “Helping Others TV” there are
other shows in the works based on huge online statistics for what
consumers want and basing the success of the show from web based
traffic and ads, much like I get now with video revenue from
SoCal Beaches Magazine. (My main biz is Internet marketing)

Some of the reality tv show contents works on the internet but
a large amount of it does not work and the shows do not get
watched on Because I plan on integrating iPhone
apps, social media, live stream broadcasting and other new technology
to the mix I think that this will be breaking new ground in 2012 as
we become an incubator for launching new reality tv shows and ideas
via and the internet.

2012 will be an exciting year so stay tuned for some of the unique talent
coming through “The Celebrity Beach House” in 2012.

Happy Holidays!

Ken Rogers
Reality TV Show Idea Jedi
and “Celebrity Beach House Reality
TV Show Guest Host”

* As a photographer and publisher of the SoCal Beaches Magazine
network of websites I have shot hundreds of the best classic
cars and models – here is a pic from one of my favorite holiday
photo shoots with Heather and a 1958 Edel named “Pinky” right
behind my pad aka “The Celebrity Beach House”

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