Columbian Super Model Mena Restrepo Cast for New Reality TV Show & Notes and News

San Diego Reality TV Show Going “International and Bilingual”
and Getting Ready for More Reality Antics and contributors 

Just a quick note and that is we will be adding sexy model
Mena Restrepo” to our show as a regular member coming
by the beach bachelor pad and also someone who can add
some more popular opinions of the world from a female
international perspective. Between her and our new
Harley Girl” swimsuit model “Brooklyn Decker we have
a very colorful perspective from the “female” point of
view and have successfully locked up the MALE DEMOGRAPHIC
(ie: any man or animal by a TV with a penis including cats and dogs)
plus will now be broadcasting in Espanol and English.

Mena Restrepo Model Reality TV Guest Model and Contributer on "Celebrity Beach House" in San Diego

Mena Restrepo Model Reality TV Guest Model and contributor on "Celebrity Beach House" in San Diego

Now just add in Pat the Preacher, the acrobat and juggler
and some of the other dozens of San Diego locals who believe
they are “funny and/or worthy” to be on the reality show and we may
even have a mini gong show segment going here soon as well.

Anyway this show is gaining interest and many people out in
Reality TV production land have looked at the show – if they
or me just knew where the hell it was going it might just get
picked up but the main thing is in all honesty is that
“getting picked up” is something that “HAPPENS” when 1. You
don’t give a shit 2. Your #1 Priority is HAVING FUN and 3.
You create something that people want to be a part of

I already know that were I am going is based on an “energy”
I want to create with a fun, lively and anything can happen
format and bring people with unique personalities, looks and
opinions. If I get celebrities from Hollywood or LA cool, but if
not I got a shitload of local talent to pull from here in San Diego
to work with for a long long time to come.

Brooklyn said when I first met her “I hope people think we are
funny” and I told her that as long as SHE and WE think it is
funny and we are laughing our asses off it does not fucking
matter what anyone else thinks. If you can start there first
and focus on FUN, BEACHES, California Lifestyle, Models,
Stupid men and man jokes etc…everything else will find its
place. It is about “creating an energy and not a “show” for
anyone out there who has dealt with creating a live set or
has done improv comedy.

The bottom line is that I have not laughed or had as much fun
as I am having now and it all started because a large network
found a blog I had ripping online dating and plenty of fish
and wanted to shoot me for an upcoming online dating show.

I had more fucking fun doing that than I have in the last
10 years and so I kicked my old ass into gear and said
– and there you have it – my attitude about being a
conservative person went out the window and the here I am
and “I don’t give a shit” came out WAAAY TO FRICKING MUCH
and “dude you need to pull it back a bit”. My attitude went from
“shopping a reality tv show” to “launching a reality tv show” and
it is in motion and it is happening and “going to go” and whoever
wants to come along for the ride is more than invited. (That change
in mindset has changed my life in a very dramatic way in the last
6 weeks in amazing and positive ways)

I know I may need to make an adjustment here and there
but as a theater arts major at the University of Minnesota
in Minneapolis and a person who worked with a lot of talented
production staff,  grips and writers on low budget “summer projects“,
(when Stu Segal Productions was in a quiet faze) knows that chemistry,
setting, location, writing, talent and a list of things to numerous to
mention are  necessary for a “successful show” and so the journey
continues and the plot thickens. I am confident that with some work
and development I can turn this into a “hip place” that people want
to be at – especially those folks in TV land.

As an “internet marketing person” who is sick of dealing
with clients and wants to focus on my own projects I am
going to do the exact same thing I did with to the Celebrity
Beach House  and
push it hard online and have fun the entire way.

I have 1,100+ videos on SoCal Beaches Magazine and I am
not in 1 of them because I like shooting BUT I had so
many people asking to find out about me or the life
of living here etc….I decided okay man I guess I
need to also go back in front and have some fun on
the other side of the camera as well. The taping of the
online dating show got me in front of the camera and I realized
how much fun it is and how much I missed it from my college

Wasn’t this blog about “Mena Restrepo” the super hot
super model??????

Yes it was but when you SMOKE WEED like me people say
you “forget a lot” but if that’s the case then how
did I remember the blog was about smoking hot
fashion and swimwear model “Mena Restrepo”?????

Thank you very much!!

Until next time your “Celebrity Reality TV Star at the Beach”
Ken Rogers

* PS I had to wrap this up because I need to do
a tribute blog to my hero Henry Winkler

** Dr. Animaliciousness
Is this blog okay for letting out my true feelings
about slave training and how it relates to our
“private shows in back”???? – (text me here on
my email since I don’t text and am too old for
that – MEOW cha cha cha!!!!!!)

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Mena Restrepo Model Reality TV Guest Model and Contributer on "Celebrity Beach House" in San Diego

Mena Restrepo Model Reality TV Guest Model and Contributer on "Celebrity Beach House" in San Diego

– Yes this girl will be on our show so MEN bookmark
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coming Janauary 2012 on and after we get

Reality TV Show Launched in San Diego – where it goes nobody
knows but come along for the ride MIGHT just get

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