Chelsea Lately and Jenny McCarthy Invited to Celebrity Beach House in San Diego

San Diego’s HOTTEST Celebrity Beach Pad Extends An
Open Invitiation to Chelsea Lately and Jenny McCarthy
(Includes spa treatments,  vegan dining and male slave
training continuing education credits)

After beating the snot out of TruTV and some of the ridiculous
Reality TV Shows they have I wanted to blog on something
much more cheerful and dear to my heart and that is cool
women who I would like to hang with. (I know they would
not hang with me but just go with me on this one).

I love E Entertainment Network and I feel my home for the
show may one day be there because they are in California
and also enjoy laughter, chopping idiots and HOT CHICKS.

The BEST thing E did was give Chelsea that extra 1/2 hour show
before 11:00PM because it is funny and it gives the writers an
opportunity to interact and have some fun. Now when I see Jenny
McCarthy on this show I can only think of one thing and that is

Shit they are the bi polar opposite of The Real Housewifes of
Beverly Hills with laughter instead of drama. So for that reason
I want to try to get Chelsea Lately, Jenny McCarthy and the
WHOLE WRITING STAFF for the Chelsea Show to come down
and hang out in Mission Beach and shoot a week of the show down
here. Since Belmont Amusement Park is across the street on the beach
with more to do than the pier in Santa Monica so it would be fun and
also help with ratings as I pack more hot chicks into the shots.
(I know everything with me is “hot chicks” but I am thinking “ratings”
and the degenerative male species and what “they like” – and I know
pretty well and am one of the ONLY honest ones out there so back
to what I was saying before and MORE CHICKS)

Anyway if I am going to live in dream land then I am dreaming big
and I am bringing a WHOLE FRICKIN COMEDY SHOW to the beach

Now that I have that fantasy firmly implanted in my last brain cell
I have to get a few things out of my system as a personal little word
with the girls – “Why Are ou Dying Your Hair – I LOVE BRUNETTES
there are some black roots there once in a while to keep me going
or I would think Hugh Heffner has EVERY CHICK IN LA on the
PAYROLL. Since these chicks are super hot and real celebrities and
I am a dork living of an allowance from my Mom I should also note

Okay now Chelsea and Jenny here is your BEACH AGENDA
while staying in San Diego
1. kayaking on Mission Bay – now we can just ‘kayak” or race
around back there but I am sure everyone will have fun with
2. rope bridge walk at Belmont Park – harness yourself in for
waklking across rope bridges in Belmont Park. For those afraid
of heights – drink heavily-
3. a trip to the BeachComber Bar for karaoke, dart tournament,
pool tournament and Triva Pursuit with some of the senior citizens
at the bar.
4. Mission Beach beach cruiser boardwalk ride – that is real beach
5. beach volleyball, rollercoaster ride at Belmont Park, laser tag,
skeetball, mini golf at Belmont Park, man made wave machine
rides at Belmont Park….

Okay anyone reading this blog MUST be impressed I have not
really pushed smoking weed or hot chicks or anything else because
1. these chicks are hot enough on their own and we need no other
chicks around with these two and 2. when I take my meds I can
actually rationalize some real life scripts and things to do with
guests who roll down to the pad here in Mission Beach and go
beyond the whole “weed” thing. (that is still there though and I
would love to get stoned with these chicks but I can’t say much
about that because Jenny is a Mom and in a responsible role in
life (unlike myself) and Chelsea……well shit Chelsea has no
excuses so if I get one of the two chicks to take a bong hit and
split from LA for some real R&R I will be happy.

PS: ANYONE FROM E Entertainment Network is Also Invited!!!

See you at the Beaches in San Diego!

Sean (aka Ken Rogers – this blog is not too bad I so I can
just leave it at that)

Chelsea Lately and Jenny McCarthy Invited to Celebrity Beach House
Reality TV Show and Dumpy Bachelor Pad of SoCal Beaches Magazine
and “Sean Johnson Smith Jones” – Mission Beach San Diego – A vegegatarian
beach pad with 2 cats and a TON of HINDU GODS – (just a warm up for a
Padma Lakshmi invite:-)

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