San Diego Reality TV Show Casts Charlie Sheen into His Next Hit Show 12 and One Half Chicks

Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Show Creates
Charlie Sheens New Hit “12 and One Half Chicks”
In Exchange for Guest Appearance on Reality TV Show

Just when you thought we did not have a chance to lure Charlie
Sheen to our beach condo a fricking brain cell regenerated and sparked
the thought “We need super hot sexy chicks to get Charlie to our beach
condo…I am calling Gina Baca“.

A smoking hot video using San Diego swimsuit model Gina Baca is being used to lure Charlie Sheen to Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Show

A smoking hot video using San Diego swimsuit model Gina Baca is being used to lure Charlie Sheen to Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Show

After writing that deperate request blog to get Charlie Sheen down here
I realized no request coming from a “sausage condo” was ever going to
get any male stars to show up and I needed one super hot chick to go
undercover and do a video plea for Charlie to cruise down.

While I worked on putting together the most amazing piece of man bait
ever to be thrown to a man sensory organs with a Gina Baca video I had
the second thought of the month.


Why you may ask would I say such a thing..hhhmmm you think about
it and tell me if I have  not created the greatest hit show ever to be stolen
by a big Hollywood Studio.( you heard it here first)

Charlie Sheen was on “Two and a Half Men” – A sort of weak show with 1/2
hot chicks with Charlie and a ton of waisted time on “sausage scenes”
aka any video footage without a super hot chick in lingerie or Charlie
or both. The actors are all awesome but dude you missed the boat.
Malibu is SLEEPY TIME – aside from a few coke head beach mansions
most of Malibu is sleeping by 10:00PM and there is NO BOARDWALK.

“10 and 1/2 Chicks”
Dump all the sausage out of the old dead weight cast and add
10 smoking hot chicks with one who has to stay on the couch
(the 1/2) until she proves she loves Charlie more than the other
strippers, models and “actresses” who live there. Encourage
lesbian interaction to move “up the ladder” and allow the house
caretaker (me) to video tape all the footage. At least 1/2 of scenes
should be “shower scenes” so rig the shit out of the bathroom areas
and if Charlie is too tired from all the action use a cut out.
(or me with a Charlie mask on my head – I am only about 30 lbs
heavier now but am cutting out carbs and masterbating intensely
to drop more weight).  The goal is to be one of the top 5 in Charlies
room and the rest just cat fight, back stab, drink wayyy too much and
then go bi polar and start making out. (We are working on the rest
of the Reality TV Concept and can not give out any more details
by the advice of our lawyer right now.)

Dump sleepy time Malibu and come down to a real party
beach town where lap dances are still $5.00 (lunchtime
and the first dance includes a FREE hot dog) and set up
the set in Mission Beach San Diego. Throw in MADDEN 2012
(only with Playstation I suck at X Box), Free Porn Subscriptions,
(for our “Reviews” section) and Jergens (for girls hands and not what
you think you PERVERTS!)  Anyway set up a man cave at the beach
and you have an instant fricking hit.

How Do You Know This Reality TV Show With
Charlie Sheen
is a Hit Ken Rogers?
(my blog and Hollywood stage name – I love it!)

Good question – I have to say that I have done some
test marketing for 10 and 1/2 Chicks (This number
may go Waaay up since we can get at least 4 chicks
on the couches alone). The way you tell if a Reality
TV Show or Comedy Sitcom is really good is if people who
speak English will watch it. We did a test pilot showing chicks
breasts (in swimwear ), bums, bottoms, toes (for foot fetish creeps – shit we will
take any demographics we can get) and hot chicks pasting on
tanning oil and a cut out of Charlie Sheen (clothed for the first test)
next to them and every fricking foreigner watched EVERY SECOND
of the show.

(NOTES: At least 70% of the foreigners had an erection watching which was
added research data good for advertisers since 30% of our audience are
“limp dicks”) (We have not tested the data for using a “naked Charlie”
and including a “monster tool” if you know what I mean, but this can go
anywhere but UP UP UP is what I am trying to say from our test marketing
results and data.)

Anyway the new “Reality TV Show 12 and 1/2 Chicks” can shoot down
here in our San Diego beach pad and instead of “Charlies brother” being a
wingman he can have a real dork like me who is easily manipulated
and trained by a real slave in a dungeon setting.

Okay now that I have saved and turned Charlies career into the
BIGGEST TV SITCOM HIT in history all I am asking for is a
little guest appearance here on the couch of The Celebrity Beach House
here in Mission Beach.

Yo Charlie my email is or call
us on our Skype line at 858-736-9310!

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