Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Show Reveals Celebrity Guest Wish List

Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Presents
Celebrity Dream Guest Wish List

Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Show San Diego "Celebrity Guest Wish List"

Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Show San Diego "Celebrity Guest Wish List"

With thousands of celebrities to choose from the producers
of the show carefully talked about and chose the top 10ish
celebrity guests they would like to “hang with” at the new
celebrity beach house in Mission Beach San Diego. The
secret beach condo location allows A list and D list celebrities
the opportunity to relax and “beach out” in a laid back (stoner)
styled bachelor beach pad setting.

So with no further ado here are the Top 10 Hollywood Celebrities
requested to hang out in San Diego.

1. Cindy Crawford – We have loved this woman for the last 24 years+
and so we have committed to promote Meaningful Beauty on every
show for free because we love you Cindy!!!!!!!!!! If you are a man with
a lizard face and need help visit www.meaningfulbeauty.com

2. Jill Wagner from ABC’s “Wipe Out” – Jill may have left Wipe Out but
we still watch the re-runs just to check out that sexy belly button
and also to watch her chop the dorks on that show. We know she
would chop us up even worse and the thought of that makes me
frisky and thus Jill Wager does have a chance to possibly nudge
Cindy in the future. Since Jill is working on furthuring her acting
career a trip to the Celebrity Beach House would be a great way
of getting her experience and a lot more work – think about it Jill:-

3. Any Victoria’s Secret Model – Any of these girls or all of them is
the dream of any men on the planet and these girls are a SOLID
number 3.  (This would be perfect for our skimpiest lingerie contest!)

4. Charlie Sheen – Who would not want America’s #1 Playboy and
some real “Tiger Blood” in the San Diego Celebrity Beach House?
Charlie could hang for a week and cruise the boardwalk and bring his
heirloom of super hot sexy porn stars..Wow maybe we need to move
him to number 3?

5. Any Female Porn Stars – This is a solid number 5 since a little
beach house entertainment really gets rocking when the girls
get rocking so this is an open invite for any current porn stars,
any future porn stars, porn star auditions and any hot girls thinking
about getting into porn. We want to know what makes you tick and
why you like the adult industry.

Shia Labeouf comes to Mission Beach

6. Dave Chappell / Shia Labeouf
This is a two way tie since Dave Chappell is funnier than shit and
Shia LaBeouf is a cool dude who did a photo shoot with us a few
years back in Mission Beach. Both people would love a San Diego
beach get a way and with some good disguises no one will ever know
they are here. After seeing Dave Chappell on the Bravo Actors Studio
Show say he is not a crack addict then we know a few bong tolks and
this guy will be cutting some good jokes for the house guests! Dude
we are stoners in San Diego and just as out of touch with reality as
the tribes you were with in Africa…you are safe here and with friends..
….now pass the bong!

7. Felecia “The LA Lingerie Model”
Wow how hot is this chick?!!!!! After being pointed to a
porn video with this girl in it I have decided that I want
to marry this woman (If Jill Wagner is already taken).
I probably will have to sign up for some good woman
bondage action to see more of this amazing porn super model
but hopefully she will check out this blog and let us pay
her to be on this shoot and do a photo shoot for our
www.youtube.com/socalbeachesmagazine page.
Felecia you are super hot and need to be in San Diego!

8. Larry The Cable Guy – Damn Larry the Cable Guy is
the closest thing on the airwaves that is like me except
he is confined by a show on corporate America that prevents
him from swearing, smoking weed, drinking and getting lap
dances – all things we will do with Larry the Cable Guy plus
talk about his Crossing America Show on the History Channel
where this dude went out “swamping” and never came back!

9. Patti Stanger – BRAVO Millionaire Matchmaker
Who better to come in the retro fit some of the dead
weight cast on our show than Patti plus she can come down and let
her hair down and relax and party – “Hey Patti we love you down in
San Diego – please come down and get drunk with us
instead of ALWAYS working! We want more of the FUN
and PLAYFUL Patti! (plus I am 40 something and looking
for a monogomus relationship that does not require me to
spell, but yet commits me just enough to have loving passionate
sex with this hot Jersey girl now in LA – Patti come on down to
San Diego and bring your crew!

10. Danny Bonoducci / Leif Garrett
Hmmmm this is a tough one – number one we went down
into the barrel to try to get celebrities that would really show
up and since Leif Garrett is known a bit of  a pot head we thought
that should be enough bait to get him to San Diego.
(Plus we will pay for the bus ticket) As far as Danny Banaducci
goes we know that having a “bench press contest” will allow him
to flex and take off his shirt on camera, which to Danny is better
than banging strippers – basically because all that manliness is
promoting possible breeding matches. It is complicated but
let’s just say if one of these guys does not take up the offer for
free weed then we will ask Tanya Harding.

Celebrity Beach House Reality TV Guest Celebrity Wish List
Continued – we want more stars in San Diego!

Since we don’t want to be called “Celebrity Sausage Party” we
had to get as many hot chicks and porn stars in the top 10
but here are some other cool folks we would welcome with
open arms –

1. Jim Cary – If this dude lived in his car growing up then a
few nights in the Celebrity Beach House should be no problem
even though we have no heat, plumbing and other basics.
This guy is perhaps the coolest guy we could get stoned with
(even though we don’t really smoke pot and the stuff on the
video is catnip – I love you Mom:-)

2. Ben Stiller – Dude “PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON
never sounded so good as it does from the gargling
of a bong. Who would not love to hang with this dude
at the beach for a few days – Dodgeball was cool now
come on down for a Beach Bar Olympics!!!

3. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
The problem with these hot chicks is they drink too much
and don’t smoke enough weed. If we could get these girls
down here at the beach for a few days for some weed therapy
I think it would be nothing but smiles and giggles and guess
what BRAVO – INCREASED RATINGS – we seem to have
that effect on all the stars who hang with us!

4. Gordon Ramsey – Gosh I just have to say FUCK FUCK
FUCK how FUCKING good it would be to have Gordon
come hang out and DRINK and NOT HAVE TO SAVE
a fucked up restaurant. Gordon come on down and drink
heavily and lets see how good you are at darts and then
knife throwing (in the celebrity beach house living room)

5. Chelsea Lately – I don’t care if Chelsea likes men or not
she is hot and lesbians get 5 extra bonus points in our voting.
Since I am a total dork and live in a cave I don’t know what
the heck is going on but I do know that Chelsea is super hot,
funnier than hot, and if she is also a lesbian I am really in love!
Needless to say the talent here with me and Dave is thin at best
so let’s get Chelsea down her to chill out at the beach.

Hollywood Celebrity Casting Status for Celebrity
Beach House Reality TV Show 

Right now our people are getting ahold of “their people” and
these Hollywood celebrities (I am sure) are probably making
plans know to get themselves booked on the hottest new
reality tv show to hit the air since Hugh Hefners condo party
show back in the 1960’s.

If you are an A list celebrity, a porn star, a hot stripper looking
for a broadcasting internship or just want to be on our show
email us at getinfo@san.rr.com or watch future episodes
on Youtube.com at www.youtube.com/celebritybeachhouse

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